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Geriausios verslo mokyklos ir universitetai Saudo Arabijoje 2019

Šiame puslapyje Jūs galite ieškoti universitetai, verslo mokyklos ir Saudo Arabija. Jūs sužinosite viską apie aukščiausią reitingą universitetų Saudo Arabija informaciją. Paspauskite ant "Skaityti daugiau " už išsamų aprašymą universiteto ir studijų programų siūlo apžvalga.

Ieškoti universitetų Saudo Arabija ir naršyti savo programas rasti tuos, kurie tiktų jums geriausia. Gauti visą apie įvairias studijų galimybes Saudo Arabija informacijos ir palyginti mokesčius už mokslą ir studijų trukmės. Galite sutaupyti laiko ir kontaktiniai universitetų Saudo Arabija tiesiogiai: užpildyti "Prašymas informaciją nemokamai " formą, kuri padės jums susisiekti su priėmimo biure.

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23 Rezultatai Saudo Arabija

Stafford Global

Jungtiniai Arabų Emyratai United Arab Emirates Online Saudo Arabija Saudi Arabia Online Kataras Qatar Online Bahreinas Bahrain Online Egiptas Egypt Online Irakas Iraq Online Jordanija Jordan Online Kuveitas Kuwait Online Omanas Oman Online Libanas Lebanon Online Jungtinės Amerikos Valstijos USA Online Kanada Canada Online Gana Ghana Online Kenija Kenya Online Uganda Uganda Online Botsvana Botswana Online Pietų Afrikos Respublika South Africa Online Mauricijus Mauritius Online Tanzanija Tanzania Online Ruanda Rwanda Online Bulgarija Bulgaria Online Rumunija Romania Online Serbija Serbia Online Graikija Greece Online Turkija Turkey Online Kroatija Dubrovnik Kipras Nicosia Iranas Tehran Pakistanas Islamabad Juba Sudanas Khartoum Sirija Damascus Jemenas Sana'a Libija Tripoli September 2019 + 63 daugiau

Stafford has provided quality education for over 20 years. The firm serves the Middle East and is expanding globally. At Stafford, we offer courses in various disciplines including executive MBA, doctorates and diplomas.

Westford University College

MBA Ištęstinės MBA studijos Vienerių metų MBA Jungtiniai Arabų Emyratai Sharjah Nigerija Lagos United Arab Emirates Online Pietų Afrikos Respublika Cape Town Kuveitas Kuwait City Saudo Arabija Riyadh Singapūras Singapore Online Jeddah Bahreinas Bahrain Online Gana Accra Dramblio Kaulo Krantas San-Pedro Dubai Kanada Canada Online Nigeria Online Indija Mumbai Abu Dhabi Malaizija Malaysia Online Namibija Aus Jungtinė Karalystė UK Online September 2019 + 31 daugiau

Westford is an educational institution established in UAE and have robust presence in UK, Middle East, India and South Africa with an aim to provide highly reputed and advanced UK and European based qualifications and management training to the aspiring communities living in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Our qualifications are authenticated and accredited by the renowned accredited academic awarding bodies, colleges and universities from the UK. We offer internationally… [+] recognized undergraduate and post graduate programs that will enable our students to outshine and excel in their preferred arenas and augment their pursuit for excellence in their chosen career or higher education. [-]


Ištęstinės MBA studijos Jungtiniai Arabų Emyratai United Arab Emirates Online Bahreinas Bahrain Online Jordanija Jordan Online Kuveitas Kuwait Online Libanas Lebanon Online Omanas Oman Online Kataras Qatar Online Saudo Arabija Saudi Arabia Online Palestinos valstybė Palestinian Territories Online Dubai Egiptas Egypt Online Irakas Iraq Online Pakistanas Pakistan Online Sudanas Sudan Online Turkija Turkey Online Gana Ghana Online Kenija Kenya Online Uganda Uganda Online Botsvana Botswana Online Pietų Afrikos Respublika South Africa Online Mauricijus Mauritius Online Tanzanija Tanzania Online Ruanda Rwanda Online Bulgarija Bulgaria Online Rumunija Romania Online Serbija Serbia Online Graikija Greece Online Libija Tripoli Jemenas Sana'a Juba Jungtinės Amerikos Valstijos Washington Sirija Damascus Kipras Nicosia Iranas Tehran Kanada Ottawa September 2019 + 65 daugiau

Stafford was formed in 1993, in the UAE, with the sole intention of providing distance education assistance to the business professionals in the Middle East to achieve good quality internationally recognised qualifications that would mark them as serious managers and advance their careers.Starting with 7 students in 1993 over a decade later we are involved with an average of 1000 students a year availing distance education. All are serious minded busy managers proving to… [+] the world that they mean to succeed.Stafford is entirely focussed on assisting full-time professionals in business with quality distance learning to accelerate their careers through independent study.Stafford works throughout the Middle East and Levant region offering distance learning Executive MBA’s, Doctorates, BA’s, diplomas and more.We pride ourselves on our commitment to the academic and business success of our students, our excellent relationships with our UK universities, our integrity and the high quality of our academic and administrative support staff. [-]

Exeed School of Business and Finance

MBA Jungtiniai Arabų Emyratai Sharjah Omanas Oman Online Saudo Arabija Saudi Arabia Online Singapūras Singapore Online Bahreinas Bahrain Online Indija India Online Dubai Kanada Canada Online Nigerija Nigeria Online Mumbai Bengaluru Abu Dhabi Malaizija Malaysia Online Jungtinė Karalystė London Riyadh Jeddah Dammam September 2019 + 23 daugiau

Exeed School of Business and Finance is an institution of higher learning based out of UAE, to bring in the quality education of American institutes of higher learning and British Institutes of higher learning. Located in Sharjah, Exeed facilitates executive education, higher education and professional certifications to the professionals from various parts of the world through classroom sessions and also through its state of the art virtual learning campus known as EXEEDx School.

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Saudo Arabija Thuwal September 2019

Established in 2009, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is a graduate-level research university located on the shores of the Red Sea. Ranked 1st in the world for citations per faculty for past 3 consecutive years running (Qs world university rankings), we’re dedicated to advancing science and technology through interdisciplinary research, education, and innovation.

Prince Mohammad Bin Salman College

EMBA MBA Saudo Arabija Jeddah September 2019

MBSC aims to develop a new generation of transformative leaders who think creatively and act boldly. The Kingdom needs more job creators and not just job consumers. MBSC is designed to fill this void by creating Entrepreneurs of All Kinds (EAK®).

Centre of Management and Applied Sciences

MBA Vienerių metų MBA Saudo Arabija Jeddah Kataras Qatar Online Jungtiniai Arabų Emyratai Dubai September 2019 + 3 daugiau

CMAS is an Education Service firm providing high quality education services from recognized and accredited global colleges and universities.

GBN Training Centre

Saudo Arabija Al Khobar September 2019

Established in 1993, the Gulf Business Network Group (GBN) has developed into one of the largest business networks in the Gulf region, offering value-added professional consultancy and specialized technical services in the ever-expanding fields of Water Treatment, Plant Automation and Environment.

Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University

Saudo Arabija Riyadh September 2019

The education of women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has received a great deal of attention and this has allowed Saudi women to make definite strides towards achieving their ambitions and unveiling their uniqueness in different fields.

Zoe Talent Solutions

Singapūras Singapore Jungtiniai Arabų Emyratai Dubai Kazachija Almaty Malaizija Kuala Lumpur Indija Mumbai Maldyvai Maldives Online Gana Accra Egiptas Cairo Pietų Afrikos Respublika Cape Town Kenija Nairobi Olandija Amsterdam Graikija Athens Slovakija Bratislava Vengrija Budapest Šveicarija Geneva Turkija Istanbul Jungtinė Karalystė London Portugalija Lisbon Manchester Prancūzija Paris Čekija Prague Austrija Vienna Abu Dhabi Jordanija Amman Kataras Doha Saudo Arabija Riyadh Jungtinės Amerikos Valstijos Houston Kanada Toronto August 2019 + 49 daugiau

ZOE Talent Solutions is a global training and consulting firm that has been serving leading businesses in many countries. We specialise in capacity building and talent development solutions for individuals and organisations, through our highly customised courses and training sessions, in a wide array of disciplines.

Jeddah International College

Saudo Arabija Jeddah September 2019

Jeddah International College (JIC) is not just a mere edifice to be added to Jeddah educational skyline, it is a true advocate of academic excellence founded on the belief that academic excellence is achieved through an inspiring contemporary educational curriculum that fosters leadership and entrepreneurship, provided by eclectic and distinguished faculty recruited from the best organizations all around the world, to provide a prime future generations of young professional.… [+] To be the leading private higher education provider in the areas of design and business, and with our awareness of global and local market requirements, and by designing specific programs to foster a creative and supportive learning community to satisfy the local market demands, we are committed to provide an edifying education aiming to prepare and qualify graduates and empowering them with critical thinking to start their own businesses and hold leadership positions in their fields and their specialties, allowing them to make a positive impact on their environment. Jeddah International College operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia and in accordance with its regulations. [-]


Saudo Arabija Saudi Arabia Online

Online Arabic Program is a vital online program and a turning point in the history of teaching Arabic to non-native speakers. The program is a new learning model offered by the Saudi Electronic University to teach the Arabic language.

Raffles Design Institute Riyadh

Saudo Arabija Riyadh September 2019

Raffles is a high-end quality private education provider recognized internationally for being the #1 design specialized undergraduate and graduate school in Asia Pacific since 1990 and one of the top 50 design schools worldwide with over 20,000 graduates and current applicants, today, Raffles network stretches to 30 colleges in 29 cities in 12 countries across Asia Pacific, Asia, Australia & the Middle East.

Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University

EMBA MBA Saudo Arabija Dhahran September 2019

As a fast growing institution of higher learning, Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University (PMU) has created history since it was launched. This university, with its highly innovative student-centred approach to impart education, offers a chance to students to explore genuine paths to learn and innovate when being groomed for their future roles as hardcore professionals.

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) - College of Industrial Management (CIM)

EMBA MBA Saudo Arabija Dhahran September 2019

CIM will continue to lead the way for business education in the Kingdom, ensure that the curriculum remains relevant and current to the needs of stakeholders, incorporate ethics based on the tenets of Islam, forge links with the business community, and foster intellectual development of its faculty.

AMIDEAST America-Mideast Educational & Training Services

Tunisas Tunis Marokas Rabat Jordanija Amman Jungtinės Amerikos Valstijos Washington Egiptas Cairo Irakas Baghdad Kuveitas Kuwait City Libanas Beirut Saudo Arabija Riyadh Jungtiniai Arabų Emyratai Abu Dhabi Jemenas Sana'a Palestinos valstybė Gaza September 2019 + 19 daugiau

dtykstkyAMIDEAST is a leading American non-profit organization engaged in international education, training and development activities in the Middle East and North Africa. Today AMIDEAST programs and services touch the lives of half a million individuals a year – improving educational opportunities and quality, strengthening local institutions, and developing language and professional skills critical for success in the global economy.

English Training Lounge

Jungtiniai Arabų Emyratai Abu Dhabi Argentina Buenos Aires Kolumbija Bogotá Brazilija Rio de Janeiro Čilė Santiago Meksika Buenavista Dubai Tailandas Bangkok Kinija Beijing Indija Delhi Vietnamas Hanoi Honkongas Hong Kong Malaizija Kuala Lumpur Saudo Arabija Riyadh Pietų Korėja Seoul Shanghai Singapūras Singapore Taivanas Taipei Japonija Tokyo Indonezija Jakarta Ispanija Barcelona Vokietija Berlin Šveicarija Bern September 2019 + 39 daugiau

At English Training Lounge we understand that the modern world does not stop simply because we need it to! This is why ETL offers an English language school that is as flexible as you need it to be. We deliver English language training at a time and location of your choosing! We are not a 9 to 5 English as a second school because we know that life is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Arabista - Best way to learn English

Saudo Arabija Riyadh September 2019

Let’s Learning English languages in Virtual Classes , With Best Teacher & Cost , What else do you need to learning , Let’s do that.

Al Yamamah University

EMBA MBA Saudo Arabija Riyadh September 2019

Al Yamamah University (YU) was established in May 2001 as a single college by the Al-Khudair family. This marked their second major contribution to education in Saudi Arabia, having pioneered the establishment of the first private schools in Riyadh in 1957. Authorized as an institution of higher learning by the Ministry of Higher Education, Al Yamamah College opened its doors to male students in September 2004 and to female students in September 2006. In 2008, the Custodian… [+] of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, may Allah protect him, issued a royal decree approving the elevation of Al Yamamah College to university status, the culmination of eight years of planning and hard work to establish a distinctive, modern Saudi educational institution that provides both undergraduate and postgraduate education. Since its inception, the University has established itself at the forefront of the competition among private higher education institutions in the Kingdom using English as a medium for instruction. [-]

Leadership Community College KSA

Saudo Arabija Jeddah September 2019

The Leadership Community College (LCC), with the Oxford Academy for English and Business Studies (established in 2005), is a leader in quality community college education for high school students and working professionals.

Morgan International

Libanas Beirut Jordanija Amman Kataras Doha Saudo Arabija Dammam Jeddah Riyadh Kuveitas Kuwait City Egiptas Cairo Bahreinas Manama Jungtiniai Arabų Emyratai Abu Dhabi Dubai Al Ain Kanada Montreal Toronto Vancouver Indija Bengaluru Chennai New Delhi Pune Hyderabad Prancūzija Paris Vokietija Frankfurt Šveicarija Geneva Rusija Moscow Ukraina Kyiv Kazachija Almaty Mississauga Alexandria October 2019 + 39 daugiau

In today’s competitive work environment, how can you easily secure all of your ambitions? How can you realize your most coveted career goals, leave your mark on the world and become the most successful version of yourself? The answer is simple: Professional Training.

Alfaisal University

MBA Saudo Arabija Riyadh September 2019

Alfaisal University was founded by the highly reputed King Faisal Foundation in 2002 as one of the first Private Non-Profit, research and teaching universities in the Kingdom committed to achieving international standards of excellence.

King Abdulaziz University, Faculty of Economics & Administration FEA

EMBA MBA Saudo Arabija Jeddah September 2019

The Faculty of Economics & Administration (FEA) is the first faculty established at King Abdulaziz University (KAU). The establishment of KAU is rooted to a meeting chaired by His Majesty King Faisal Bin Abdulaziz, and took place at his summer champ in Tayif on 22 Jamad Alawal 1384H.